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SupplyIN2 work with partners who manage compliance, employment, payroll and HR across 150 countries via their partnerships with leading in-country employment & payroll specialist, lawyers, and accountants. This enables our partners to seamlessly employ manage and on board your contractors when hiring across borders working on location or remotely.  A fully managed service, taking care of tax compliance, tax withholding and deductions, which is all part of our global EOR (employer of record) service, designed to protect your business and help you to hire faster whilst eliminating risk.

SupplyIN2 can also assist with a Sole Trader or Ltd company engagement where legally permitted, providing locally approved contracts and seamless local currency payments via our partner platform.  Our partners have locally compliant contracts in 150 countries and are updated where necessary every 30 days to accommodate legislative changes and their team is there to help you to improve and expand your hiring opportunities, offering the best in-country employee benefits too.

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