Our supply services

Delivering proven specialist suppliers to the recruitment and payroll sectors

Services include:

SupplyIN2 have selected industry leading organisations already known or working with recruitment and payroll businesses, the services we offer are bespoke and tailored including the following;
Outsourced Payroll

Identifying a compliant and reliable payroll provider that suits your business can be complex given the vast number of options available.

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Software / Technology

SupplyIN2 have partnered with some of the leading software technology and hardware brands in the sector to help agencies modernise their commercial proposition

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Employee Engagements

Contractors and agency employees are becoming increasingly accustomed to receiving an array of additional benefits from their recruitment and / or payroll providers.

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Legal / Compliance

All those engaged in the supply of contingent workers are duty bound to operate in accord with current employment and compliance legislation to protect both themselves and their stakeholders

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Workforce Management

SupplyIN2 has partnered with a sophisticated middle-ware business, to help organisations meet the ever-evolving requirements of the expanding contingent workforce

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Invoice Discounting

SupplyIN2 have partnered with a leading end-to-end factoring provider to help business benefit from improved cashflow and reduced financial costs.

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Marketing / Design

It has never been more important to have a demonstrable marketing design strategy and brand presence, particularly in the highly competitive recruitment space.

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Insurance Policies

SupplyIN2’s insurance partner is an industry-leading brand who offer a comprehensive, competitive and compliant portfolio of insurance products

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SupplyIN2 has partnered with a renowned provider committed to transforming pensions, savings and financial well-being

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IT Support / Telecomms

SupplyIN2 are working with specialist IT support and telecommunication suppliers.

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RPO Outsourcing

Our Outsourcing experts deliver flexible and scalable solutions for recruitment agencies ranging from sourcing and selection to setting up an offshore team.

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Bids & Tender Services

Tender writing is making a promise about the future – you’re describing how the buyer will experience the contract for years to come

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International Payroll & Compliance

We work with partners who manage compliance, employment, payroll and HR across 150 countries

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Promotional Merchandise

Specialise in supplying branded promotional merchandise from pens to deskpads

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We will help with the acquisition process which consists of three phases—planning, development, and execution

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