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SupplyIN2 are experts in bringing together the supply chain that delivers value to the recruitment market. We do this by collaborating widely, understanding in detail what suppliers and clients really want, connecting the right partners at the right time and developing relationships that deliver the solutions that solve the problem.

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Hand picked individuals, specialists in procurement and supply chain management
Adam Jordan

Adam has an impressive track record, for over ten years he has worked in a number of senior strategic positions, supplying and servicing the recruitment industry. His previous roles included Partnership Director at a leading SaaS  company and Business Development Director at a top five umbrella company where he achieved a growth rate of 500% in under 5 years. Just recently Adam has become a Principal Partner of Elite Leaders.

Chester Boothe

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering talent management and workforce solutions across multiple industry sectors, my primary role has always been to focus on a range of tailored solutions that solve the client’s needs. I enjoy meeting people and learning more about their organisations challenges, the issues they face and their business priorities. Collaboration, openness and honest dialogue are important for businesses to grow. By engaging in that way, it allows us to work together to support your procurement management needs.

Richard Kean
creative DIRECTOR

Richard has over 20 years creative experience working in various sectors with small medium and large corporates, nationally and internationally, helping their businesses grow.
Richard's creative expertise lies in logos, branding, graphic design, email marketing, social media / digital marketing, web design, illustration and advertising. His wealth of knowledge is a great asset to any business.

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